Swiping Right on Friendship: My 5-Month Experiment with Facebook Dating

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When it comes to weight loss, fitness, or anything in life, finding our people, our squad, is essential. We need genuine connections and like-minded souls. That's whyΒ I set out on a 5-month experiment with Facebook's Dating feature, not for romance but for friendship. Let's dive into what really happened, shall we?

πŸ‘―β€β™‚οΈ The Quest for Friends in Uncharted Territory

I had a simple but beautiful goal: to forge connections and find friends who share common interests. And Facebook's new Dating feature looked promising at first. A novel idea, filled with possibilities, right?

🧐 The Unexpected Twist

However, the results were unexpected. 99.5% (I made up that number) of the respondents were not on the same friendship wavelength. Despite my clear pursuit of friendship, almost all were males interested in a romantic or sexual relationship. The responses ranged from "That's cool at first, but I have enough friends" to "What planet are you on thinking men are interested in being friends with a woman?"

My desire for pure friendship seemed foreign. Even the women who appeared on the friends' side had similar intentions. The mission was starting to feel impossible.

πŸ€” The Flaw in the Design

Here's the issue: There's a single profile feature, and no designated "Friends Only" option. How's a girl supposed to find friends in a place set up exclusively for romance?

🎭 The Curtain Call

After 5 months of searching, waiting, and hoping, it was clear that Facebook's Dating feature was not the right stage for friendship seeking.

So, what's next? I couldn't wait for the 6-month mark to end this experiment. And who can blame me?

🌟 The Grand Finale

The search for friends is never over; it's just taking a new direction. My profile on Facebook's Dating feature? Consider it history. I'm now joining a real-life group in my hometown, where connections are made face to face, and intentions are clear.

Why look for stars online when you can dance under them in your own backyard?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this experiment and your experiences in making friends online. Have you faced similar challenges?Β  Have you found friends online that you can connect with in real life?

With a heart full of hope and a soul ready for connection,


P.S. Facebook Dating? Swipe left. Real-life connections in your hometown? Swipe right to a world of possibilities. 🌟

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